Millions of worker,equipment and healthcare professionals rely on Shieldlance every day.

Making a difference for human life,We are making a positive impact for generations.

Doing Work That Matters.

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Science & innovation

Past, Present & Future

Innovation is at the core of Shiedlalnce’s mission to save and sustain lives. We deliver essential products to expand access to care, provide cost-effective healthcare solutions, deliver quality products, and advance lab testing innovations around the world.

Customer Information Confidentiality

We ensure that product information designed for any customer is not compromised

Easy payment

We accept the world's mainstream payment methods. Safe, fast and effective completion of your payment

Corporate responsibility is fundamental to Shieldlance’s broad aspirations. The company is focused on achieving top quartile results relative to its industry peers and other comparators across three key dimensions:

Quality and Worker Safety
Industry-Leading Performance
Best Place to Work

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We can make it for you



I attribute Shieldlance’s path breaking success to the company’s focused approach to quality, technology and customer satisfaction. Our phenomenal growth is the reward of our untiring journey towards perfection. Our products are a bench mark of reliability and accuracy. Thus, perfection is an element which is ingrained in each and every Shieldlance product.

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